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Exercise has the advantage of making you stronger, increasing your endurance and reducing stress. Experts recommend doing 30 minutes of moderate activity at least five days a week.

Some other recommendations include:

  • Exercising for 10 minutes longer per day

  • Moving from moderate (stretching, light weight lifting, walking, bicycling, golf, dancing, hiking) to more intense activities (heavy weight lifting, heavy yard work, basketball, faster walking, aerobics, swimming, running or jogging, bicycling faster)

  • Taking the stairs

  • Parking further away

  • Walking to destinations

  • Doing active chores

  • Going for a walk or a run with loved ones and/or pets

  • Exercising while watching TV

  • Being active when you go on vacation

  • Getting a pedometer

  • Using an exercise app

  • Limiting screen time to less than 2 hours per day

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